Marketplace intercession intake questionnaire 

We seek God through prayer and we partner together to discern and pursue what the Spirit is saying for Christ- centered transformation of the business world for Kingdom of Heaven advancement. No matter where a business or team is along the path to reflecting Christ’s Kingdom, our Marketplace Intercessors assist in the shift from being a Godly person or business to becoming a powerful change agent for the Kingdom of God.

We look forward to discovering how we can serve you to see your business and marketplace strategies go to the next level for the glory of God and the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

We would also like to pray for your family. Please consider this section of questions optional.

Please enter your company/organization information below.

Who will be the liaison between Northwest Life Center Marketplace Intercessors and your company?

Your team is important to us. Let us know who you are running with.

Please be as specific as possible. Feel free to give us as much or as little as information as you feel comfortable. Keep in mind, everyone on our teams have signed a NDA. Any and all information will be kept confidential.