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Northwest Life Center Intercessors are here  to serve marketplace leaders. Our vision is to partner with you to carry out your mandate from God. It is our desire that you and your company would become everything God intended you to be. We want to partner together with people like yourself to transform our communities into God's original design. Northwest Life Center Intercessors collaborate with businesses and teams by providing intercessory support, prophetic encouragement and intelligence to the Business and Marketplace sphere of influence.

We need the presence of God to lead us into Kingdom advancement strategies. Northwest Life Center Intercessors do just that; empowering you to maximize every aspect of your sphere of influence in the business, company or team, in which you are engaged.

Northwest Life Center Destiny Partners are not business operation advisors or coaches. We are your prayer team... giving ourselves in prayer for you, your team, your strategies for your company. We then report to you what we receive from the Lord.

What We Do

  • We pray for you several hours per week.

  • We create and send you a detailed report of what we see and hear, which is called, an "ADVISE" Report

What You Do

You receive our "ADVISE" Report and use it as a prayer and listening tool to hear and receive vision and

strategy from the Lord. This is a Holy Spirit-inspired mosaic of the Father's heart for you and your team.


  • We are not your personal paid priests. We are partnering with you in prayer.

  • We are not praying for you so you don't have to pray.

  • We are joining your team to extend the Kingdom of God through our partnership. 

  • You inquire of the Lord and determine the monetary value you place on this partnership. 

  • You review your commitment periodically and adjust it as you see value added.  

*Special Events like: Staff Meetings, Strategy Round Tables, Conferences to be taken on a case by case basis.

Prophetic Ministry is standing before people and speaking on the behalf of God. It is speaking from the heart of the Father to His friends

Thank you for your eagerness to engage in this collaborative Kingdom partnership with us. We are committed to doing all we can to see Heaven's best realized in your company or organization. The fact you have prioritized this kind of Kingdom-advancing relationship, says you highly value leveraging every possible Kingdom resource available to see the King of Kings to get His full reward in your sphere of influence. In starting this partnership process you are recognizing Jesus is the CEO of your organization and you are merely managing His ideas and strategies.


Because you are asking us to pray for you, you probably have an understanding of what "intercession" is, but for clarity sake, we want to define it further:

  • Intercession is standing between two parties mediating or advocating for one or more people or groups or doing something to benefit another. In a spiritual sense, it is praying for another.

  • Intercession is standing before God and speaking to God on behalf of someone or a group.

We are hopeful and excited to be serving you as we extend the Kingdom together! 

Our Process is Simple But Impactful

This partnership is relationally driven; which is the reason we have no price point requirement. We will be faithful to pray for you and your efforts. We will report to you what we see and hear in our weekly ADVISE Reports. We only ask that you listen to the Spirit's leading and invest into this partnership financially as the Lord instructs and guides.


We dedicate a few hours per week to seek the Lord and pray for you in your specific, measurable prayer targets you have identified. You can expect to receive a concise, detailed report we call an ADVISE Report. Our reporting process is something the Lord gave us. The following is what the ADVISE Report means and how to use it..

Weekly we capture, record and report the following:


A - Application

A short phrase that summarizes what we are receiving for you.


D - Dreams
Joseph and Daniel and many others received Divine strategy through dreams.


V - Visions:
Joel 2 and Acts 2 tells us that God is releasing dreams and vision to the Body of Christ.

I - Intercession:
We capture a short prayer for you based on you prayer targets.


S - Scripture:
We pray Bible-based, Spirit-led prayers. We don't live on physical food, but on the Word of God.


E - Explanation: We use this space to explain any point that needs further explanation.

Partner Feedback

This space is for our partners to capture any point that is impactful to them

Here are some examples of feedback you might receive in each of the six areas:

Application: God is taking you into a season of acceleration- increase and a season of sweet surrender!

Dream: In the dream, Shiloh Forestry team was summoned to Jesus' office. You all arrived there and walked into the room and stated, "You summoned, Sir?". Jesus responded, "Yes, thanks for coming." He looked over His glasses at all of you and said, "I need you to invest into your team. That is all. You may return to your assignment."


Vision: I saw a grain of wheat falling to the ground and dying. I heard “$320,000”. I have no idea what this means/applies to specifically.


Scripture(s): John 12:24 - Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. Jeremiah 42:10 - If you stay in this land, I will build you up and not tear you down; I will plant you and not uproot you, for I have relented concerning the disaster I have inflicted on you.


Explanation: I felt the Lord is reviving dreams you’ve given to the Lord in years past. I felt this even applied to relationships that have “died” that the Lord is going to honor/resurrect. There is much fruit from your posture of sacrifice to be reaped in this season. I felt that there may be trying times, but the Lord has you on a good foundation. Don’t be frightened by the wind and the waves of the storm.


Partner Feedback: Wow, thank you so much. This are very confirming. I will be praying and see how the Lord will unfold this in the days and months to come.

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